Transforming complex challenges into trusted solutions.

Together we create software for more transparency within your organisation and your customers.

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Why BallistiX

the complexity

We're engineers who love turning your complex challenge into a solution.

So long,
’super excel’

Forget the dreaded 'Super Excel', we will turn it into a web app that makes people happy.

with partners

We co-create, validate and iterate. Together with you. We're in the cockpit together.

Experts in

We're not afraid of technology and thrive for all that is new. Blockchain and NFT's? Yes!

Join the BallistiX team!

Ballistix is a team of pioneers passionate about their craft. We break through the cliché of the industry and bring solutions in an accessible and contemporary way. Provides a friendly, casual atmosphere counterweight to the sometimes 'heavy' matter.

A podcast educating you on all madly BallistiX things.

Web3, the next generation of the internet is full of opportunities. But what does that mean for decision makers? What are NFT's? What is the metaverse? How are they linked together? In this vidcast series, Nikolas will use his hands-on experience to give you a no-nonsense overview of the opportunities and pitfalls of these new techologies that are changing the way in which we express ourselves, experience things and do business on the internet.